I’ve ruined my Ubuntu Feisty Fawn Installations

Wel, a stupid mistake while configuring maemo development and testing environment has left me with an unsuable Ubuntu installation, the one that I’ve been using continuously for almost two years.

Looking at the damages, it seems far more simple to just backup stuffs in /home and start with a fresh Ubuntu Feisty Fawn reinstallation, and while i’m at that, maybe I should give a shot at Gutsy Gibbon Tribe 5 release.

Fortunately, backing up files in my Linux pc is as easy as tarring all the stuff inside /home and copying it to another storage media, and looks like I’m done with the copying part now. What left for me to do is to pop in the Ubuntu Feisty Fawn CD and reboot my pc to reinstall my operating system again.

If this were to happen on Windows XP, i think i’ll be looking at hours of browsing through my CD collections looking for various software installers and hardware drivers CD. phew….

This has reminded me to keep backups of my crucial works as a mistake like this can cause you efforts and months of works. Well it could been worse than this, like losing my sanity over crashed hard disk. Fortunately I’ve a policy of always making backups of my current documents once-in-a-month, well even that might not be enough, as disaster might caught you when you’re least prepared. Btw have you done your backup today?

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