Gnomefiles Firefox search plugin !

Great news out there! I use Gnomefiles a lot to search cool new GNOME apps to use for my day-to-day work, and some of them are really useful to me! But today, out of boredom and extra free time, I’ve created firefox plugin for gnomefiles. And It works great!

For the uninitiated, GnomeFiles is a software repository which list GTK+/GNOME application exclusively. The website lists applications (in source or binary form) created for the GNOME Desktop and also all GTK+ applications (Unix/Linux/Windows & SkyOS). The website also list application which uses Gnome/GTK+ bindings such as wxWidgets, pyGTK, GTK#, Java SWT, perl-GTK2, ruby-GTK, etc.

It integrate itself to your search engine pull down menu at the upper-right corner where Google search engine is the default, and you can start searching for gnome apps right from inside of your browser (i.e no need to type/memorise Gnomefiles url, etc).

So get your
GnomeFiles Firefox search plugin

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