AVTech CCTV DVR Motion Detector Settings

Couple of days ago I was given a task to configure CCTV DVR device (AVTech 4 Channel MPEG 4 recorder). I prefer the embedded device approach as opposed to the cheap PC CCTV cards as the latter requires a full blown PC and it depends on Windows operating system (which naturally incur additional costs).

AVTEch CCTV Security DVR

The AVTech CCTV DVR is priced slightly higher, but you get the perks of having a dedicated and compact device for your CCTV solution. It has a network interface which lets you configure and view your CCTV security camera over the internet.

Motion Detector Settings
Generally I’ve no trouble at all in using AVTech, the only thing that I’ve hard time figuring is the motion detector settings, which allows the camera to record the video only if it detects movement on one of its cameras.

Fortunally I found a source which reveals the meaning of each configurable settings on the AVtech CCTV device :

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Wubi – Easiest way to install Ubuntu in Windows partition

Wubi is an application which simplifies Ubuntu Linux installation on Windows partition. To Windows users, Wubi eliminates the hassle of having to repartition hard disk which carry the risk of loosing precious data.

Wubi does this by using a loopback device, creating a large file on a Windows partition and installing Ubuntu inside it. The best thing about Wubi is, it does not use virtual machine or any type of emulation. Thanks to Wubi, Ubuntu can be booted natively using Microsoft Windows boot loader.

When you are done experimenting with Ubuntu (who does?), or need to reclaim the hard disk space back, you can choose the uninstall button from the Windows Start Menu and everything will be removed, just as simple as that.

Wubi is one of the few application that made me wish that I have a Windows machine because I’m dying to try it out!

Wubi will be included with the upcoming Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) release, due in late April 2008.

Credits to fenris the 1337 pencacai for his original research on Wubi.

Visit Wubi official website here : http://wubi-installer.org/