Holy, It’s raining all over Malaysia!

It’s been raining all over Malaysia today —

Cloud over malaysia

That was Malaysian map taken over Google Earth, notice the cloud covering almost 70% of the Malaysian region? its been raining all over Malaysia! woohoo!

New GNOME Weather Applet does not have Alor Setar option!

I’m frustrated with the new GNOME Weather applet included with Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex. For some reason, my hometown is not included in the list.

Weather Applet

I wonder why, as my hometown is present in all previous releases of the Weather Applet. Seems now I can’t monitor the weather condition of my hometown (Alor Setar) anymore from my desktop :(

This bugs me as I use it occasionally to monitor weather conditions and to make decision on my ham radio activities.

Is your hometown / place listed on the Weather Applet?