gnome-osd: Handy On-Screen Display for XChat and Evolution

I just want to share with you about gnome-osd, a GNOME desktop add-on that I find handy when working on my computer’s desktop.

This add-on provide informational on-screen display when triggered by certain events such as new email, somebody mentions your nick over the irc and when the music player changes the song.

Personally, I use gnome-osd with Xchat IRC client, when I’m in a mood for online chatting with friends.

To use gnome-osd, you need to install ‘gnome-osd’ package and configure it by accessing System->OSD Notifications. You can enable certain triggers by checking the appropriate box on the dialog box as shown here :


Here’s an example of gnome-osd in action:


From the screenshot, you can see that I’ve tweak the settings a little bit to display the messages on the lower right corner of my screen. The OSD is triggered whenever anybody mentions my nick on the IRC.

How to Randomize login screen in Ubuntu (GDM)

There’s nothing wrong with the default brownish “Human” Ubuntu login screen, but sometimes your brain might get bored with the same login screen overtime. So in this post I’ll be showing you how to randomize the GDM login screen through these simple steps :

From Desktop, go to System->Administration->Login Window


Choose “Random from Selected” from the selector in the Login Window dialog. And check all the GDM themes that you wish to be cycled each start up.


That’s it! close the dialog and logout from your GNOME session, it should display random login screens each time when you switch on your computer.

Need more themes?
You can always find and install more cool themes from Gnome Looks !

Quick Way to send files to mobile device via Bluetooth in Ubuntu Linux

Previously I’ve written a post about how to send/receive file over the bluetooth using CLI. Now i’m going to show you a quick way to send files over bluetooth using the standard “Send To” on GNOME. Like this


To enable this, you need :

  • gnome-bluetooth (available from the repository)
  • a Bluetooth dongle / device attached to your computer

After all requirements have been met, all you need to do is select the files which you wish to be send over bluetooth, and click “Send To”.

You should see a dialog similar like above, prompting you to select the desired bluetooth device.

It’s easy with Linux!

Ubuntu Mobile Edition running on Sony Ericsson P990i?

While Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Edition isn’t quite ready yet, seems to me somebody tries to get creative by posting this video on Youtube.

[coolplayer width=”425″ height=”350″ autoplay=”0″ loop=”0″ charset=”utf-8″ download=”1″ mediatype=””]
Ubuntu on Sony Ericsson P990i

Meanwhile, here’s the correct video that shows the current progress of Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Edition UI.
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FFMpeg based FLV to 3gp batch converter scripts

A friend from #fakap asks me to create a dead simple FLV to 3gp batch converter for him to port youtube clips to mobile phone.

As a result I complied, and created flvto3gp bash script for the job.

Using it is simple, just run this script inside a directory full of FLV (or any video files supported by ffmpeg) and execute it using this command :

sh *

The script will convert all video files to 3gp file format one by one. The script requires
ffmpeg in order to run.

Ubuntu users might have to refer to this post before using this utility : Enable mp3 and amr support in ffmpeg ( Ubuntu )

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Another Hardy Heron Desktop Mockup Preview

Another Hardy Heron Desktop preview, seems alot better than the previous ones

hardy heron preview desktop_tn.jpg

Note that none of this reflects how the “official” Ubuntu Hardy Heron release should look like. These mock up only shows how Hardy Heron would look like based on the basic ideas discussed on Ubuntu Wiki page.

Hardy Heron is the next Ubuntu Linux release scheduled to be available on April 24th, 2008.