Keeping Things Private – Stripping JPEG Metadata

There are more things than we know that can be revealed by your JPEG EXIF metadata such as the type of camera you use, aperture settings, the type of focus, lens type and even the location of the picture taken that might compromise the privacy of the persons or locations depicted in the photograph.

Mypapit EXIF data gnome

One of the things that we can do to is to strip away the information from JPEG files before uploading them to the internet, by using exiftool or jhead.

Install libimage-exiftool-perl
sudo apt-get install libimage-exiftool-perl

and by running the command
exiftool -all= *.jpg

Install jhead package:
sudo apt-get install jhead

and by running the command
jhead -purejpg /path/to/*.jpg

Hugin: Software To Create Panoramic Photograph in Ubuntu Linux

I’ve always wanted to try and take panoramic photographs using my dad’s Nikon Coolpix 5200. That day finally arrived when I finally have the free time to do so last week when I’ve to accompany my dad traveling to the countryside of my hometown.


Using a tripod, I took 4 sets of photographs with the help of Nikon built-in panorama helper function. I was excited and about to use a Windows computer to stitch those photograph using software supplied with the camera when suddenly I thought of searching for a similar application on my trusty Ubuntu box.

To my delight I found Hugin! An open source panorama maker software which I use without hesitation to create a my first ever panoramic photos.

Hugin Panorama Maker

The interface was simple enough to use even for a first time use like me. What you need to do is to load all images into Hugin using the “Load Images” button, and it will start to process your images immediately.

After finished processing the photos, Hugin lets you fine tune the result using a dialog similar like below.


After retouching and minor adjustment, I’ve ended with this panoramic photo!

p/s: Well the photo is not perfect in detail, but hey its my first try!