Ubuntu Membership Board Asia and Oceania Region Meeting

The Ubuntu Membership Asia and Oceania approval board is going to have a meeting on 10 June 2008 11:00 UTC time at #ubuntu-meeting (irc.freenode.net) server.

Ubuntu Logo mypapit.net

The main purpose of the meeting is to grant Ubuntu Community membership to new applicants from Asia and Oceania region. The benefits of being an Ubuntu commnity member are :

  • You will be allocated @ubuntu.com emails
  • Able to use ubuntu/member/your_nick cloak on Freenode IRC network
  • The right to print business card with Ubuntu logo
  • Syndication of your Ubuntu blog on Planet Ubuntu

There are still time to apply to be accepted as Ubuntu Community member! Please read the Asia and Oceania Membership Approval Board wiki page for more information.

p/s : My best wish to nbliang, I hope he will be accepted as Ubuntu Community Member on this round.