B43 broadcom linux driver supported chipset

Supported chipset for b43 Broadcom Linux drivers are :

  • bcm4303 (802.11b-only chips)
  • bcm4306
  • bcm4311 rev 2 / bcm4312 (needs patches for 2.6.24)
  • bcm4309 (only the 2.4GHz part)
  • bcm4318

and unsupported are:

  • BCM 4309 and BCM 4312 is not supported.
  • BCM 4328/4329

Please refer to this post, Ubuntu Hardy Heron : Wifi Broadcom Support with b43 driver for a guide to activate B43 Linux driver in order to use wifi function in your laptop.

Source : Ubuntu: Enabling Broadcom BCM43xx Based Wireless

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