No time to read lengthy articles? TLDR Chrome extension will digest that for you

Ever encountered long winded article which makes you feel like you do not want to read?

Enter TLDR; Chrome extension, a browser extension made by Recognant which can summarize any article for you.  The extension works well with English language article, but upon my inspection, it can also works well for Malay language article.

A must have extension  for those who just want to browse through articles at a glance.

How to change Google Chrome user-agent

Changing user-agent in Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer may be an easy task for most of the people as it only requires you to change certain settings in the browser option or in the registry.

However changing Google Chrome’s user agent might not be as straight forward as it has no obvious way to alter it through the browser’s interface.

Fortunately, Digital Inspiration website has written a guide on how to change Google Chrome user-agent string, you can refer directly to their article – How to Change User Agent String in Google Chrome Browser