No Official pre-press Ubuntu 13.04 CD/DVD will be distributed by Canonical

Previously as an effort to promote Ubuntu and Free Software, Canonical has made pre-pressed CD/DVD available for LoCo team to be distributed during release party or promo events.

But starting from Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail), pre-pressed Ubuntu CD/DVD will only be made available only for LTS release (the next one will be 14.04 LTS ) from this point forward. This is in-line with Canonical policy to only concentrate on supporting Ubuntu LTS.

In the mean time, Canonical will continue to provide pre-pressed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS CD/DVD to Ubuntu LoCo until 14.04 LTS release in 2014.

source: Ubuntu Loco Council

Linux Mint Debian Edition 201009 has been released!

A few years ago, I wrote about Linux Mint as an unofficial Ubuntu distribution that is preinstalled with proprietary codecs and plugins then I write a follow up article when the project has evolved into providing a user-friendly Linux distribution, with additional application but is still based on Ubuntu.

linux mint debian edition

But now, the Linux Mint teams has taken another step forward by introducing Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE), which is based on Debian GNU/Linux distribution (Debian-Testing or Debian Squeeze). LMDE features a new installer which was developed from scratch with Debian in mind, bleeding-edge application from the Debian-testing repos and the same proprietary software addons from Linux Mint own repositories.

LMDE is however is not compatible with Ubuntu repositories as there are differences between the binary and the configuration files. Those who are seeking for full compatibility with Ubuntu, should download Linux Mint standard edition instead. Another caveat is, LMDE currently is only available on 32 bit X86 platform and GNOME, with no immediate plan to release 64bit edition or with KDE environment, due to complications with the process of making Debian much more ‘friendlier’ to keep up with Linux Mint standards.

linux mint debian thumbnail screenshot

LMDE can be downloaded from its official website :, it comes with a DVD ISO image (875 MB)

Download Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon DVD Repository

It is a well known fact that Ubuntu Linux distribution has a comprehensive application collection from its repositories which can be installed at anytime provided the users have a relatively fast internet connection.

However there are still places in the world which do not have access to such connection which may prevent users from installing new applications on their Ubuntu operating system. Luckily somebody took the time to put Ubuntu Gutsy software repository into a collection of DVDs which may be handy if you are going to introduce Ubuntu to your friends which does not have an internet connection at his home.

The repository DVDs are available for i386 and 64bit platform and are divided to 5 DVDs. The DVD images (size up to 4.0GB) are downloadable for free from

Please refer to the Jigdo tutorial from Debian website on how to download the DVD using Jigdo.

Instructions on how to add the DVD repository to your Ubuntu operating system is detailed here : Add CD/DVD apt Repository.

An Indonesian version of the instruction is also available from :