AVTech CCTV DVR Motion Detector Settings

Couple of days ago I was given a task to configure CCTV DVR device (AVTech 4 Channel MPEG 4 recorder). I prefer the embedded device approach as opposed to the cheap PC CCTV cards as the latter requires a full blown PC and it depends on Windows operating system (which naturally incur additional costs).

AVTEch CCTV Security DVR

The AVTech CCTV DVR is priced slightly higher, but you get the perks of having a dedicated and compact device for your CCTV solution. It has a network interface which lets you configure and view your CCTV security camera over the internet.

Motion Detector Settings
Generally I’ve no trouble at all in using AVTech, the only thing that I’ve hard time figuring is the motion detector settings, which allows the camera to record the video only if it detects movement on one of its cameras.

Fortunally I found a source which reveals the meaning of each configurable settings on the AVtech CCTV device :

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Hugin: Software To Create Panoramic Photograph in Ubuntu Linux

I’ve always wanted to try and take panoramic photographs using my dad’s Nikon Coolpix 5200. That day finally arrived when I finally have the free time to do so last week when I’ve to accompany my dad traveling to the countryside of my hometown.


Using a tripod, I took 4 sets of photographs with the help of Nikon built-in panorama helper function. I was excited and about to use a Windows computer to stitch those photograph using software supplied with the camera when suddenly I thought of searching for a similar application on my trusty Ubuntu box.

To my delight I found Hugin! An open source panorama maker software which I use without hesitation to create a my first ever panoramic photos.

Hugin Panorama Maker

The interface was simple enough to use even for a first time use like me. What you need to do is to load all images into Hugin using the “Load Images” button, and it will start to process your images immediately.

After finished processing the photos, Hugin lets you fine tune the result using a dialog similar like below.


After retouching and minor adjustment, I’ve ended with this panoramic photo!

p/s: Well the photo is not perfect in detail, but hey its my first try!