Subscribed to Linux Hater’s Blog : Funny and hillarious blog

After discovering Linux Hater’s blog from Google Reader and Technorati, I decided to subscribe it as it was a funny and hillarious blog. It make fun of people who are using Linux for the wrong reasons (such as trying to act cool) and how some things in Linux are not better than any other operating system.

Linux Tux Logo

Other than that, it contains criticism of the Linux community in general, mainly directed towards fanboys and developers, although one can easily surmise that the author himself is a Linux user who has experience in writing applications, and presumably using a Debian-derived Linux distro.

Well I might be wrong, but Linux Haters Blog is a must read if you are a Linux user yourself because it offer insights of the overall of how GNU/Linux operating system compare to other OS and what would make Linux a better OS

ImageMagick thumbnailer scripts for blog

Hey there, I’d like to share my dirt-easy script for creating thumbnail in blog post. The script will scale any image to the width of 456pixels which I find acceptable by most blog theme (actually the limit is around 460-465 pixel, but better be safe).

Why I wrote yet another script for scaling images? because I find and WordPress system of uploading images and photo annoys me, and I rather upload my pictures/photos on my own private server and create thumbnails on my own.

I licensed the download under WTFPL , don’t worry its a free software license.

Download :

mypapit gnu/linux blog is now 3 years old!

It has been 3 years since I first started this blog, a cause that worthy of celebration. It was a long way to go when I first stated this blog in mid-April 2005, i never thought it would last this long, since I’m not much of a writer. Looking back, I still wish I had written a lot more useful articles on this website for my readers’ benefit.

birthday cake

For my readers, it is my hope that you will continue reading my humble posts for years to come. Thank you for your support

Secure your WordPress installation now, avoid from being compromised

Following recent announcement from Technorati about WordPress security vulnerability issue and the fact that there are a lot of WordPress sites that has been compromised. It is recommended those who are running WordPress blog to upgrade and tightens their WordPress site security to prevent it from being injected with malicious or spammy code.

Here are few pointers that might help you secure your WordPress installation to prevent it from being cracked into :

Remember you will be responsible for all the damage caused by the crackers should your site been cracked into

I’ve Upgraded Upgraded to WordPress 2.5!

Finally after spending some precious time procrastinating, I finally upgraded my blog to WordPress 2.5. New features that I immediately found helpful are :

wordpress logo

  • Multiple file upload
  • Clean interface design
  • Administrative panel loads faster
  • Easier for me to load up media files (video, audio, photos)

This could mean that I’ll be posting more regularly. Btw, sorry for the hiatus, I’ll be updating this blog more regularly after this.