COVID-19 and Movement Control Order in Malaysia

The government of Malaysia instituted Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia which restricts all residents to their homes to control COVID-19 spreads.

Today is the beginning of the MCO in Malaysia. The dangers of having COVID-19 viral influenza should not be understated as there are deaths from infections and there are also lasting effects from the damage done by the viral infection.

Hoping that this will pass soon.

Google Maps Now Available in hometown – Alor Setar!

I just discovered today that Google (street) maps is now available for my hometown – Alor Star! Upon checking further I discovered that the street level maps is also available for various other places in the northern part of Malaysia too, including remote areas in Perlias and Kedah, w00t.

Here’s sample of the street map taken from Google Maps

alor-setar google map

Sungai Petani to Kulim

Check this feature in Google Maps now!

Now I can relate more stuff from my Dopod P800W to Google Maps and vice versa