COVID-19 and Movement Control Order in Malaysia

The government of Malaysia instituted Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia which restricts all residents to their homes to control COVID-19 spreads.

Today is the beginning of the MCO in Malaysia. The dangers of having COVID-19 viral influenza should not be understated as there are deaths from infections and there are also lasting effects from the damage done by the viral infection.

Hoping that this will pass soon.

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PPSPPA (Sisa Pepejal) goverment agency uses Ubuntu in its office branches

PPSPPA or Perbandanan Pengurusan Sisa Pepejal dan Pembersihan Awam is a government agency in Malaysia that uses Ubuntu in its offices. PPSPPA has branches in every state in the Peninsular, including the HQ and training center in Putrajaya, all of it runs Ubuntu 10.04 LTS operating system.

PPSPPA Logo Sisa Pepejal

As such, PPSPPA only uses hardware which runs in Ubuntu, including printers, scanners and drawing tablets. Which is a good sign for vendors to start releasing their hardware drivers for open source operating systems.

Hopefully other government agency would follow suit and use free and open source operating system instead the one that requires millions RM of site license. It is not the license that concerns us, but it is the grip of monopoly of a single corporation has over governments and economy that is most concerning.