Google Nexus 7 running on Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail

Here is the video showing Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail (still in development at this time of writing) running on Nexus 7, a 7.81″ tablet which runs Android Jelly Bean by default.

It is expected that more announcement will be made regarding Ubuntu tablet at the upcoming Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) in Denmark, which Mark Shuttleworth himself drop a hint that future Ubuntu development will focused on mobile platform. He even encouraged attendees to bring Nexus 7 to the summit.

My Thoughts
Its refreshing to see Ubuntu can be ported on tablets. It open up several opportunities to integrate Ubuntu operating system with mobile platform and together with the possibility of cloud computing, it will be able to unify the way people use their computers in their daily life. However, a new GUI has to be designed in order to make Ubuntu usable and convenient to be used on tablets.

All in all, it is a bold move from Canonical.

Early look on Ubuntu Friendly – Ensure the hardware you buy would supports Ubuntu!

Ubuntu Friendly is an initiative by Ubuntu community to ensure that desktops, laptops, netbooks are compatible with Ubuntu, hence “Ubuntu-friendly”. Ubuntu-Friendly depends on community participation to verify whether the hardware fully or partially supports Ubuntu, and rate its usability based on the core components tested.

When will it be available?
Ubuntu-Friendly will be available and integrated right into Ubuntu 11.10. Early adopters and testers can have access to it by Ubuntu 11.10 Oneric Beta 2 due to be released in mid-September.

The tool used for hardware testing is “Checkbox” which is accessible from the Live CD, under System Testing menu.

p/s: Visit Ubuntu Friendly page on Ubuntu Wiki, for more information.

Kudos to the Ubuntu community for coming up with this project, it’ll make life more easier in finding computers that fully support Ubuntu hardware! A place to look for cheap-ish VPS and Dedicated Server – Less than USD7 / month! is a website that lists bare minimum VPS or Dedicated Server offerings with the lowest price.

For VPS, the category is divided by the virtualization technology and the operating system, as well as the geographical location of the data centers.

low end box VPS

Additionally provides discussion forum for optimizing web server and databases for the bare minimum servers!

3 Reasons Behind why I Hate CPanel Web Hosting

Adding Subdomain / Domain creates a subdirectory
Adding Subdomain, and add-on Domain is a pain-in-the-ass as it creates a subdirectory in the root web directory, meaning that any web-users can abuse this by adding trailing subdirectory ‘subdomain’ to access

Outdated Pre-package Software
Cpanel came with outdated pre-packaged software, PHP, MySQL and PostgreSQL and other libraries that is outdated compared to the one available on the host operating system. The problem is not about how outdated the software packages are, but the how often these package are being patched. CPanel vendor very notorious for not providing timely patches which would compromise the security of the web application.

Can’t change DNS setting easily from the panel
Unlike DirectAdmin, CPanel does not offer an easy way to change DNS record of domain easily as the option is not offered by default to the control panel. Although this can be mitigated by having your domain points to a 3rd party NS, it’s still one of the thing that gets me down with CPanel.

My Thoughts
CPanel is an excellent control panel for beginner as it offers a lot of options and functionality with a simple user-interface. However, personally, I prefer to use other control panel such as DirectAdmin or Plesk for my web hosting use.

p/s: Currently I’m on VPS without standard control panel.