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Downloadable Items, usually freeware or Free and Open Source Software

Free Shell Scripting Guide From Apple – Shell Scripting Premier

Apple has updated its free Shell Scripting Premier Guide, which is freely downloadable from Mac OS X Developer Library website.

Chapters included in the freely downloadable Shell Scripting Premier:


Available in PDF format together with zip files containing sample scripts as discussed in the book

Linux Package Manager Cheat Sheet Reference Chart

Linux comes in many flavors or distros, and each distro handles software installation differently from one another. Most GNU/Linux distro uses a package management system to manage software updates/instalation/removal in order to help users administer their Linux systems.

However, many of these package management system has different interface and commands, as such users from Ubuntu (or Debian based) might only be familiar with ‘apt’ or dpkg while Fedora (Red Hat based) users might only familiar with yum and rpm, which may create confusion when users from either distro were to exchange environments.

Luckily, somebody was kind enough to provide these users with Linux Package Manager Cheat Sheet which act as a reference point whenever a user had to switch to another distro which uses package management that are not familiar with them.

The package management software listed are for: apt,dpkg,yum, rpm, pkg* (slackware based) and AIX-based lsl**.

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Goodbye 2.6.x – A downloadable archive of all Linux 2.6.x kernel releases

Linus Torvalds has announced Linux kernel 3.0-rc1, this marks the end of 2.6.x series line which has 40 releases since late 2003.

To mark this event, Con Kolivas has made a tarball archive (163MB) of all 2.6.x releases available for download. The archive uses lrzip compression which can be installed from the standard Ubuntu apt-get repository.

Note that the size of of the archive after decompression would reach 10.3 GB!

Happy downloading, and hello Linux 3.0!

Create Professional Photo Slideshow DVD in Linux with Imagination

Imagination is GTK+ 2 application which enables you to create professional DVD Photo Slideshow. Imagination contains many transition effects that can turn your photo collection into breathtaking multimedia presentation.



Imagination can output video in various video format and codec supported by FFMPEG including (but not limited to) :
* AVI (various codec)
* OGG Theora

Imagination is included in Ubuntu repository and can be easily installed using Synaptic or apt-get to install it

Guake – A Quake-like console terminal for Ubuntu Linux

Guake is a fancy Quake-like terminal which lets you access it by using a hotkey (user-customizable). Unobtrusive, Guake slides down from the top of the screen, and can be used while running other desktop applications, providing you with a quick access to the console.

Guake is available from Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora repository or can be downloaded from Guake’s Official Website

Microsoft Fear-Uncertainty-Doubt (FUD) video attacks on

To tell you the truth, I’m kind of agree with some points in this video even before it was published.

There are stories of organizations, school computer labs or home users that switch back to Microsoft Office after they have use There is even a local (Malaysian) joke that poke fun at the amount of training and costs required to educate staffs to use which eventually exceeds the cost Microsoft Office Suite.

We have used a lot of open source software, libraries and components in our daily lives without realizing, In case of, I think the problem is just the process and familiarity with application. Microsoft has spend a lot of money to ensure every schools, university, computer labs used its products to educate our younger and future generations that eventually would be accustom to Microsoft branded products. It is a great business strategy, but the question is, who would benefit the most from this scheme?

Play Urban Terror, a free Counter-Strike like game on Linux

Right now I’ve been playing Urban Terror (or UrT), it is a First Person Shooter (FPS) game similar to Counter-Strike. The game was developed using the open source Quake III Arena engine and can be played under GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

You can download Urban Terror binaries from Urban Terror Official Website

The game is available for 32bit and 64bit platform and is tested on Fedora 13 and Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) releases